Black kitty brewery

Black kitty brewery is a home brewery from the town of Eelde in the Netherlands run by a single guy. I brew when I can and if I have space in my beer fridge.

I’ve had an interest in drinking and brewing beers for a long time. A few years ago I started brewing from a can, where you buy a pre-made “can” filled with all the ingredients. Throw the whole thing in a bucket, add water, add yeast, close the lid, install a water lock, and wait… After a few days, you have some beer. When I did that a few times I thought to myself; why not take the next step? I bought an electrical kettle, malt mill, and ruined the kitchen because I forgot that it could foam when it starts to boil. But my first real beer was born! It tasted wonderful (at least I thought it did). Then life happened for a while and was only able to brew occasionally.

Que a few years later. I make some more cash and decided to buy “the Grainfather” an amazing brewing kettle that I LOVE. I also bought a used kegerator and it added to the fun of not having to put all the beer into bottles, add sugar, etc. Now I’m able to make my own original recipes without the “hassle”. The grainfather is easy to clean which adds to the fun as well. So Black kitty brewery was born.

For the time being, I will only brew “limited edition” beers and from there we’ll see what happens.

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