Abloom beer

Abloom beer

Today I had a fun brewday, the weather outside was terrible (I know it was 20 degrees just a few days ago, hail today).

A few weeks ago I had an idea of brewing a beer for my collegues at work. So I put up a questionnaire of what sort of beer to make. So at the end of all the questions, guess what we had 3 winners. This results in there being 3 different beers over the year. The first one of those will be a blonde summer beer which was brewed today.

I’ve started with cleaning (as usual) and milling the malts.

After which you add the water to the Grainfather, add the mash basket and drop in the grain you milled and cap it off with the top grate.

After recirculating the water and having it stand at a few different temperatures to get the the most sugars out of the malts. You get the basket with mash out an sparge it with water (just to get those last sugars out). After you get all those precious sugars you set the temperature up to a boil and add the hops. I use a special “sock” to keep the hop leaves out of the filter.

After about an hour of boiling the “young beer” is cooled to about 20 degrees and inserted into the fermentation vessel. I checked the SG (1062) and added the yeast. Now I’m satisfied, sitting on the couch and listening to a bubbling air lock. In a few weeks the beer will be ready to drink.

And today my beer label stickers came in the mail
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